Historie Chanson v datech

  • Červenec, 1979

    Bai -Yin Co., Ltd. founded, focusing on wholesale and retail sales of home appliances, main products being TVs, refrigerators, air-conditioners and water filter systems;

  • Duben, 1985

    Water ionizers imported from Japan selling well in the domestic market; the idea of green products manufacturing is born; president Liao commences a survey on water equipment for home use and initiates research in the field of water ionizers;

  • Srpen, 1992

    Self-research on fruit sterilizer machine released;

  • Leden, 1994

    First one product to reach a big shopping market; Chanson becomes the leading brand of water purifying products with annual turnover being 20 million dollars;

  • Červenec, 1995

    Self-research on digital alkaline R.O. system is carried out; cooperation with other company commenced to create the nanometre-platinum particles for water ionizers;

  • Květen, 1998

    First simple type of counter-top water ionizer created;

  • Leden, 1999

    Decision made to exit the field of electrical appliances and focus on the field of green, healthy way of water purification;

  • Červenec, 2000

    Chanson Co., Ltd. founded, focusing on manufacturing water ionizers and products related to water purification;

  • Červenec, 2001

    Brand new products of washable R.O. tank and ceramic filters released; first patent obtained;

  • Září, 2002

    Professional R&D team established, its main agenda being pursuing research and maintaining product quality; cooperation between Chanson and RT-Mart, Carrefour and more than 300 other worldwide distributors;

  • Srpen, 2003

    First BF007 shower filter produced;

  • Duben, 2004

    LCD faucet for under-counter water ionizer produced;

  • Červen, 2004

    Target to open 13 stores from the north to south of Taiwan met;

  • Červenec, 2004

    8 patents for water ionizers obtained;

  • Říjen, 2004

    First water ionizer with voice function introduced;

  • Březen, 2005

    Chanson branch opening in Shanghai. Patents for 2 products obtained;

  • Červenec, 2005

    NSF ISO9001:2000 international certification obtained;

  • Srpen, 2005

    First under-counter water ionizer created;

  • Únor, 2007

    VS-70 to win certificate as a product with a great design;

  • Duben, 2007

    12 patents for water ionizers obtained;

  • Březen, 2008

    Decision made to establish export department for Chanson to open up to international markets;

  • Červenec, 2008

    Chanson becomes a member of WQA;

  • Srpen, 2008

    Focus on receiving CE and UL certification;

  • Listopad, 2008

    Second generation of water ionizers produced;

  • Prosinec, 2008

    Chanson the first manufacturer to produce 3-stage ultra-filter water purifier and to own a patent for it;

  • Říjen, 2009

    Fuzzy electronic faucet to connect with the R.O. system created, drawing a lot of attention;

  • Listopad, 2009

    CE certification obtained for VS-70 and Angel water ionizers;

  • Prosinec, 2009

    CE certification obtained for Miracle, Violet and Eden water ionizers;

  • Prosinec, 2011

    Significant success of Chanson products across Europe;

  • Leden, 2013

    Chanson Europe company established;

  • Březen, 2013

    Chanson Czech Republic established;

  • Listopad, 2013

    Expansion to Central Europe - Poland and Slovak Republic;

  • Prosinec, 2014

    Miracle Max Royale under-counter ionizer introduced;

  • Únor, 2015

    Chanson Croatia established;

  • Březen, 2015

    New upgraded model of Miracle Max Plus introduced.

  • Září, 2015

    New upgraded model of Nanofiltration Plus introduced.